HD Video, Post-production, Documentary film-making, Webstreams, Script writing

Video production is as much the medium of the moment as you'll find.  It is the vehicle that carries our stories and brings them to life in all reaches of the world. Video pervades our lives. From web, to mobile, to cinematic and more, it is the way we communicate. It will be with us for a long time to come.  At BROWNTOWN_ we offer a full range of video production services including complete HD production capacity, full post-production editing capabilities, audio engineering, script writing, and the ability to travel to where the action is. Click here to check out an example of a recent project we have worked on.


Animation, 2D and 3D Motion graphics, Video animation

Animation and motion have been making leaps and bounds in all kinds of exciting directions!  Motion brings mediums together and builds bridges from one to the next.  We now experience mediums on more than 2 axis!  Whether it is a simple inclusion into a video to make it a little more "alive" or a full blown graphically animated display, we're here to help you get there.  It takes a team to be able to work closely together to pull this off and with our talented base of designers, developers, and editors we can do it!  Take a look at the latest project we've worked on.


Websites, Banner Ads, Dynamic Flash, Rich Media, User Engagement

Interactivity should engage end-users and connect the many parts that go into any campaign.  Whether starting with a website, adding video and animation, using dynamic paths, and creating an unforgettable experience, interaction is how we entice, engage, and capture the trends and habits of our audience.  In many ways, this is the final end point for a campaign, yet it is the starting point for the experience we give to each person we reach.  We can help design and develop from start to finish the interactive campaign you have been looking to create.  Check out some of our interactive campaigns.


Identity, Collateral Solutions, Branding guidelines, Print, Illustration, Design

Print is the basis for nearly everything we do.  It is the foundation for 2D and 3D projects and it has been around since the first woodblock prints were created in the early 15th century.  Today, it is still the foundation for how we develop brand identities, advertisements, and other marketing collateral.  But it also helps us consider how we view 3D objects on two dimensional planes.  In short - we love print and the strong background we have in print supports many of the projects we work on.  Look through our gallery of work and you'll see some exciting, engaging projects.