Still Photography Policies:

Booking time in COVE STUDIOS:

Email or call to hold time at COVE STUDIOS without obligation. If booked time is canceled within 10 working days, you will be billed for the full studio rental day rate.


Please report any damage to COVE STUDIOS staff immediately. All damage/loss/repairs will be billed accordingly.


We require a certificate of insurance naming COVE STUDIOS, as additionally insured and loss payee. The certificate of insurance must be emailed to COVE STUDIOS prior to booking studio time. If a certificate of insurance is not available, COVE STUDIOS will provide general liability coverage at a rate of 10% of the studio rentals.


Studio floors and loading areas must be swept and all garbage removed at the end of your booking. Additional cleaning is available at a cost of $25/hour and will be billed accordingly. COVE STUDIOS staff will require a walk-through with a responsible member of your crew at the end of your production.

Payment terms:

Payment is due in full on the day of the booking. Cash or Credit card only.


User of any photo, video, studio, office, or kitchen equipment belonging to COVE STUDIOS accepts all responsibility associated with its use.

Cove / Cyc wall:

The cove wall is normally painted white. If another color is required for your production, painting is available by request at a cost of $25/hour, plus the cost of paint and materials.


Plenty of free parking street parking is available!